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Rexel Mercury Shredder RLX20 Cross Cut

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4 x 40 mm Cross Cut Paper Shredder

20 Sheet Capacity

Warranty as per manufacturers T & C

Rexel Mercury Shredder RLX20

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Designed for the busy large office with over 20 users, this Mercury shredder provides sufficient security to shred confidential documents into approx. 400 4x40mm cross cut pieces. It features Jam-Free technology with continuous sensing, takes 20 sheets at a time and fits up to 1250 shredded sheets in recyclable bags enclosed in a pull-out frame for easy emptying. Cross cut P-4 security level.


4 x 40 mm Cross-cut pieces, security level S4 for extra security

High sheet capacity ( 20 sheets = 80gsm)

115 litre bin (1100 sheets)

Quiet Operation

Power saving mode activates automatically after 2 mins of non-use

Large easy to empty frame and bag – Display indicates with bin needs emptying

Shreds Paper,Staples,Paper Clips, Credit Card, CD

Self-cleaning cutters

Fast shredding speed

High performance shredder with heavy duty motor for large office use

Warranty as per manufacturers T & C


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